Vertical Heimat           

家 在 浮 城

FUNG Wilson

Hong Kong, the city of compact vertical living, has been regarded by photographers and visitors as a megascale spectacle in recent years. First attracting photographers such as Michael Wolf and Peter Stewart, today Hong Kong high-rise housings are photographed and consumed by thousands everyday as seen on media and image-driven social networks, as photogenic OBJECTS of dense, repetitive facade elements, vibrant colour palettes or perfectly symmetrical point-of-view. This installation stands to provide another layer of understanding to the development of the city’s vertical fabric from inside-out: to understand them as HOMES to many families. Starting from the 50’s with the erection of the city’s first public housing estate, the vertical living model shapes lives of generations of Hong Kong families. With the changing designs of high-rise housings, how did the living pattern of Hongkongers alter accordingly? Also, with the changing social and economic condition of the city, how did Hongkongers reshape their living environments in turn? 8 typical housing units above grade will be selected and surveyed to represent a broad picture on Hong Kong’s condition of vertical living. 1:50 unit models and 1:100 partial models of the buildings will be made and stacked, and documentations (interview, photographs and drawings) will be published as part of the project.


香港因其垂直、高密度居住環境聞名於世, 但近年隨著社交媒體興起, 社會大眾沉溺於將他們的居住環境理解為一種景觀(Spectacle)消費, 帶著一種獵奇的視角把眼前所見剪裁為一幅幅影像片段; 止於讚嘆高層建築外在設計的繁複而對種種藏在粉飾過的牆身後的現象視而不見。 我們希望藉著這個裝置提供一種內在的視角: 這些高層建築首先是不少香港人在城市一隅的家園與歸宿。自戰後首座公營房屋落成起, 居於垂直、高密度住宅逐漸成為大部份香港人的生活模式。隨著住宅設計的改變, 香港人生活的方式有否隨此變化? 隨著香港經濟及社會環境的轉變, 香港人又會怎樣重塑他們的居所?藉著探究八種現有的香港高層居住環境, 我們希望可以一種更為宏大的視角瞭解現有的社會狀態。

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