Birds’ Monastery


SEUNG H-Sang/ Iroje

Cutting the Korean peninsula at its waist, and dividing the two Koreas as a border barrier, the 250km long and 4km wide demilitarized zone (DMZ) is a land of tragedy that allows no man from entering into it since the Korean Armistice Agreement was made in 1953. It is a place where hostile tension overflows, but paradoxically, the nature is always preserved in peace. In this land of wildlife, one cannot help but keep thinking about life and existence. Even more, monastery is a perfect location to do so. Only few men can seldom visit this quiet monastery, but it is a nice space for the birds to stay. Observing the ecology of birds and creating their habitat here would be a good idea. However, men as well as artificial facilities are forbidden here. That is why the structures should be temporary and built from biodegradable materials. Yet, the habitat that once existed will be remembered by many, and maybe only that memory might be something true.


鳥的修道院 韓半島的腰部由4km寬250km長的南北境界區被折斷,境界區DMZ是從1953年的停戰協定後不允許人出入的悲劇性的土地。這裡充斥著敵對的緊張感,相反這裡的大自然依然是平和的。到這可稱為野生天國的地方,對人生和存在的思維和省察不斷地湧上來。這裡是修道院最適合的場所。這修道院將是清靜的,人只能偶爾使用,但也可作為鳥類的棲息處。觀察這裡的鳥類生態,根據鳥的高度打造棲息處。但這裡是人工設施的禁地,任何設施都是暫時的,因此使用隨著時間的推移自然倒塌的鬆弛的結構和最終將消失的材料。即便如此,此設施曾經存在過的記憶會留存,這種記憶才是真實的。

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