Free spirited clouds


I designed this building with an intention in mind to make occupants realize the priceless value of living, humaneness, compassion, mindfulness, and a charm of a slower pace of life. A group of spiral staircases, instead of elevators, is added as a function to let people meet and see each other while ascending and descending the stairs.

Architecture is not meant to be a cold machine but as a creation born out of human skills to serve as a place for humans with different ethnicities and origins to live together peacefully. These are the atmosphere of the place, where we spend time “rethinking” in order to move forward. The stairs help fortify the structure’s pillars and provide shade to the courtyard. They also represent the former Hong Kong Island, when there were still dense jungles and trees.

My “ Free Tower is expressing this message through the use of simple, and straightforward elements of architecture that need no advanced technology while being situated in one of the most advanced cities in the world. This tower will allow its occupants to free their spirit, letting it fly wherever basic human instincts will take it to.

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