Solid vs. Void


Omar Yeung Architect & Associates

The typical podium tower prototype in Hong Kong provide people with different public spatial quality at different levels. The linear underground level filled with busy infrastructure connections, the valley-like vehicular dominated street network, the multi-programmed podium levels and the usually more exclusive sky-gardens and roof tops. Our tower prototype explores possibility to allow public spaces at all levels penetrate into the tower massing, meanwhile also having a continuous void connecting all these spaces. The solid vs. void reads as a figure-ground relationship, representing the private entities vs. the public spaces.


香港典型的平臺塔樓形式常在不同的高度有提供截然不同的公共空間體驗。綫性的地下交通空間,樓宇夾縫中的街道空間,多用途的平臺層以及相對私密的屋頂花園層。 我們的塔樓模型嘗試讓這些公共空間在不同的高度層穿透入塔樓的體量中,同時用連續的空間將這些平面連接起來,創造均質且連續的公共空間體驗。實與虛的對比可以解讀為一種圖底關係,分別代表著私有和公共空間。

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