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Towers are somehow paradoxical, but maybe we can speak of them as an intermediate state in urbanism. On the one hand, yes, they cause density, a true ecological contribution, but on the other hand, they are very vulnerable. All structural powers are concentrated on a limited footprint. All people have to go through one door. The escapes are limited in cases of danger, and destinations are like internal cul-de-sacs…

Why not connect them?

By connecting towers together, social relations can be imagined and a network truly comes alive for more meetings, more collaborations etc. More escapes can be organized in cases of danger. More structural stiffness can be developed. By having different widths and directions a beautiful web appears and when planting with them, a beautiful three dimensional landscape appears for absorbing water, cleaning and importantly, absorbing CO2 that cools the city. Stairs can connect together to create three dimensional parks, where even waterfalls can be here and there… By opening the buildings with connective pockets, a true “avatar city “appears.

我們要連接 我們要綠色

塔樓從某種程度上來說是自相矛盾的,但也許我們可以把它們視作城市化進程的中間狀態。一方面,是的,它們造就了高密度,是一種真正的生態貢獻;但是另一方面,它們非常脆弱。在有限的用地上,承載了所有的結構性壓力。所有的人都必須從一個地點進出, 當危險情況發生逃生路徑是有限的,空間就像內向的死胡同。 為什麼不把它們連接起來?



通過在建築物上打開些許連介面, 創造出的是一個真正的“阿凡達之城”。

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