Skyward City – Diffused Boundaries in Vertical Streetscape

天空之城 - 社區街區的垂直延伸

LUI Frankie

Hong Kong’s rise of urban population in limited build-able land created a need for the city to grow skyward. The very dense living space per capita of the city has reflected in its vertical fabric as the most unique urban aesthetics. Like many metropolitan, this phenomenon of architectural urbanization has humans pushing the boundaries of our existence into the sky and leaving behind the socially and culturally rich public functions and green spaces that exist at street level.


As we look skyward, the question that Dimensionless City seeks to answer is not only how do we diffuse the boundaries that disconnected podium and tower, but also how to fuse the disappearing street liveliness with our hyper dense living environment into a symbiotic and collective work live micro urbanism.


In this 150 meter-high tower, the vertical street is reinterpreted as a network of shuttling elevators, platform, escalators and stairs that connect a series of horizontally projected volumes that interlace with a dispersed habitable modules vertically and horizontally. The in between void space that are created allows for an evolving reconfiguration based on negotiation between public and private demands.

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