Willful Conformity


HWANG Patrick

 Hong Kong exemplifies a city that affords the contemporaneous coexistence of multiplicities, constraints, liberation and contradictions; it is a place for the weaving of dreams regardless of where one is from. But, it is also at the same time a place highly conformative and pressurised with both externally imposed and internally self-bounded social practices. We are intrigued by these conflicting qualities and hope to seek understanding through these questions.

1. Does conformity willfully occur through implicit social practices, or enforced by explicit rules?

2. Is there a concord between those who define the rules and those who are being ruled? Or is the relationship antagonistic?

3. Is conformity a form of expression for harmony? Or a disguise for latent distress instead?

4. What role does the built environment play in this narrative?

5. Is the standardization of architecture the cause or the effect of conformity?

6. Do we really shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us? If so, are we satisfied with how we are being shaped?


The questions posed constitute the conceptual grounding of our tower construct. It reflects our observation, critique and reaction to one of the contemporary Hong Kong state of being and the role architecture played in the process.


香港是一個包容多元、充滿矛盾的城市,無論任何出身、任何背景的人都可以來這裡織夢。同時,這個事事講求效率的彈丸之地,由外而內都高度同化和充滿遵循感。 1.人會變得遵循是出於自然,還是被統治所致? 2.統治者和被統治者間是康和的,還是敵對的? 3.遵循象徵著和諧,還是隱藏著抑壓? 4.建築環境就上述問題擔當著甚麼角色? 5.劃一的建築是人變得遵循的原因還是結果? 6.到底是我們設計建築物,還是它們塑造了我們? 若是後者,我們滿意這個被塑造的自己嗎? 我們希望透過大樓築構反映和回應上述的現象,從而探討一下過程中建築擔當的角色。籍著這個機會我們想探究這些互相對立的特質,設計意念來自體會、批判和反思:香港作為一個現代安身之地,建築在當中扮演的角色。

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