Hong Kong is famous for its density and high efficiency of usage of space. People suffer from expensive price of living and most of them staying at compact apartments. Living is fighting for survival only. Although most of the land in HK are mountains and greenery, but people hardly enjoy the nature as part of the daily life. The land of Hong Kong is prestigious , every inches are squeezed to archive the maximum value.The urbanisation process only concerns with human habitation, but where other species go? how do they live? Animals have no more rights staying at the city. They may either stay at mountains or zoo. Zoo is a collective of animals for entertainment or education. They live like at prisons with low quality of life. What if animals may live at Hong Kong CBD? Zoo-Topia is a vertical new home for animals, they can enjoy the best view, with most advance environmental recycling system ( water, air and waste disposal ). At daytime, people may visit animals at Zoo-Topia with the path through all cage-homes. We try to reverse the relationships between seeing and being seen or urban and primitive , who are the ‘animals’ in this zoo?


香港一直是高密度與空間高效率的超級城市,這裡生活的人要承受高房價而大部分人只能住在狹窄的空間裡。居住變了一種生存手段。 儘管香港大部分土地為山與綠化,但是人們難以把自然變成日常生活一部分。香港每一寸土地也會用到最大的價值。 城市化的過程我們只考慮到人的生活條件, 但是其他物種去哪了? 它們是如何生活的? 動物失去了住在城市的權力,它們可能流浪在山頭或在動物園。動物園本意上是個娛樂和教育的博覽會,它們只生活在如監獄的籠子裡。 如果動物可以住在香港商業中心呢? 動物有其屋是它們的一個新家園, 它們可以享受最好的景觀,和先進的環保回收系統( 雨水, 空間迴圈與排泄物回收等)。在白天時我們可以通過隧道步行而上參觀。 我們希望顛倒人與動物或城市與原始的關係, 到底這裡哪個才是動物園的’動物’?

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