Vertical Caves



The concept of the tower addresses the environmental issues of subtropical climate, the social integration, and geometry of high rise buildings.


It provides maximum shading for the outdoor spaces in the tower. It invites natural ventilation with openings on the façade. The large openings invited, filtered and defused natural lighting into the center area of the building. Normally in conventional high-rise buildings the center areas can be only used as service zone because of the low quality of lighting and ventilation.


Some of the open spaces are for the children. They are normally suffered from lack of play ground in the high dense cities. Some can be used for the elderly strolling, chatting and card playing. The others are for people working, living and social networking, as normally happens in the streets, pocket parks in the villages. On these well shaded and multiply leveled open spaces the social meanings and community life are expected, shaped and reshaped continuously.


It is the location of main structures on the four corners of the building making the diversity of floor plans, and the multilevel open spaces possible. It finally makes a high-rise building space free.

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