Free Space on Vertical Fabric


A 180m high tower, with a square footprint covering 1,296 m2, stacks voids with volumes in between. These volumes make four shorter buildings which contain rooms and define an inner void horizontally or vertically displayed in each. The voids on the top of each volume are like aerial parks, two for dwellers and two open to the public. The voids inside them work as terraces for a more private use. The two extremes of the urban life are perfectly balanced and represented here by two kinds of spaces: a room, if secluded in a daily intimacy; a public garden, if exposed in a multitude. It hosts 420 temporary dwellers in 280 bedrooms, spread in four groups of 120, 90, 90 and 120 people. Besides that it gathers more 420 people distributed in its three levels of public parks and correspondent facilities underneath them. Therefore 840 is the total population of this tower. Its program aims to correspond a way to live in a place as for a few months. A skyscraper that raises the ground of the city, somehow to domesticate it, and invites each person in their room as suggesting them to communicate with everyone.

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