Construction and Reconstruction

WONG Wucius

Humans occupy the earth and gather together to form villages, towns, and cities. Mountains and plains, rivers and lakes, including all types of vegetation are modified, reshaped to suit the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. All such modifications and development have effected permanent changes on the face of the earth.

All cities will age with the flow of time. Old buildings might be demolished or rebuilt periodically, with the use of new materials, application of new technology, and expression of the newest design trends. Buildings of considerable historical and cultural significance would get renovated to regain their original vitality.

The urban planner determines how the city should take an overall shape. The architects erect individual buildings for different purposes and distinct characters. The designers refine the environment to achieve harmony. The artists express the spirit of the environment beyond space and time. The environment should live peacefully with Nature, maintaining it vitality now and always.

All efforts must work towards the attainment of harmony in eternal time.

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