Decoding Hong Kong…An Urban Distortion


WAI Ken/ Aedas

Urban texture could be seen as a reflection of the city fabric.  This is even more relevant in the densely populated metropolis of Hong Kong.  Scarcity of development land owing to historical and political interference meant stringent control through building regulations.  The competition between available green space and habitable land resulted in small plots that inevitably seek height to achieve density. Although this release and add “free space” within the city it resulted in the sudden transition and juxtaposition between vast green space and dense urban environment.

The development of the pencil towers gave rise to a unique urban environment that is often captured in reflections in the numerous curtain walled buildings typical in Hong Kong.  These urban snapshots are usually distorted by unintended serendipity generated through irregular surfaces of these glazing walls.  This installation thus, is a condensed synopsis of Hong Kong.  It expresses the ridiculous extreme created by the stellar land price between private and public housing wrestling against the demand of commercial needs.  Their distorted facades abruptly give way to instant relieve, where “free spaces” are created through the exchange of height.







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