Dissolving the Core: A Landscape of Columns in Tower Design

柱之風景 —高層建築的一種想像


The idea of a tower within the architectural design discourse have been framed into a variety of categories representing the complexity of the topic itself. The most pertinent contemporary investigations include program use (Koolhaas), urban space (Mies) and landmark (Lynch), semantics (Johnson), circulation (Sant’Elia), structure (Nervi), free form (Hadid), ecology (WOHA) and facade (Gang) among many others. However, despite these spectrum of topics, tower design has remained confined within the conventions of core-column-grid framework. Due to the efficiency of economy and limitations to lateral force and gravity, structural requirements have become both the default and the limitation to the development of tower design. Despite the spectrum of abovementioned topics, structural requirements have confined tower design to two main approaches in architecture, ie. surface treatment and form making. Within the familiarity of towers in Hong Kong, the predisposition and parameters of tower design have rarely been challenged in practice, and within the academic environment has its own limitations. This proposal intends to investigate the physicality and the logic of tower design development with the attempt to explore new methods of tower making challenging the core, the column-grid and the repetitive floor slabs. We hope to find a different method of space making that could lead to a different dynamics of life within a vertical landscape.


「高層建築」這個概念的複雜性折射自其寬廣的論述光譜:現代及至當代建築界 就曾圍繞高層建築的功能(雷姆·庫哈斯)、公共空間形塑(密斯·凡德羅)、標誌性(派 崔克·林奇)、語義(菲力普·強生)、動線(安東尼奧·聖伊利亞)、結構(路易吉·奈爾 維)、體量(札哈·哈蒂)、環境(WOHA)、立面(珍妮·岡)等展開討論。但由於結構效 率及經濟效益等問題所限,最終結構形式均未能脫離既有的「框架―核心筒」系 統,以至設計構想往往止於表面處理及體量形塑兩個主要方向。 香港的高樓大廈戰後如雨後春筍般四處林立,但社會經年來對高層建築設計的不 少刻板想像和迷思卻沒有因而改變;另一方面,訴諸學術討論又有所侷限。藉由挑 戰核心牆、柱網及標準平面佈置等定式,我們希望以這個設計提案重新探究高層 建築設計的物理及邏輯限制,並以此帶來新的空間形塑及使用方式。

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