A Tree City

LIU Doreen/ Node Office

A Tree is considered as a soul of community in the south, a symbol of Life to connect the earth. A Tree is a Place; an identity and a sense of belonging. As land becomes more and more rare and we are moving up towards the sky, we are quickly losing the gravity and become weightless, and we don’t know where we are. In this project, a series of trees in the south are “moved up” towards the sky, as a way to organize different communities and our everyday life. Surrounded with housing units, a tree place, could be a school, a library, a church, a market, a theater, and a farm, a factory, an office … We live with trees, commune with trees, work with trees, and in the end, we are back to the earth and be part of trees... Our life in the Sky, A Tree City.


樹,在南方,是一個村落的靈魂,是家園的記憶和歸屬,是生命的延續和象徵。 因而,一棵樹,就是一個場所。 隨著土地越來越稀有,我們逐漸遠離大地,移向高空,我們變得無力沒有重量,也不知自己身處何處… 在這個方案裡, 一系列的樹走向了高空, 作為組織社區生產生活方式的核心和物化精神。被居住單元包圍著,一棵樹可以是一所學校,一個圖書館,一間教堂, 一個市場,一個劇場;也可以是一個農場,一個生產車間,一間辦公室… 人們隨樹而住,隨住而往,隨往而依, 落葉歸根…

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