Highrise -Stairs Street

高樓 . 梯街

IDA&BILLY Architects

Highrise -Stairs Street” is to exploit the stone step street to the vertical dimension of a highrise. Step streets is a characteristic Hong Kong streetscape grown from the hilly typography, forming lively public freespaces with diversity and changing latitude. High-rises, despite stretching a large vertical dimension, are composed of isolated layers of mono and private experience. We propose a stair street winding up 200m high, to inject live and to utilize the highrise’s vertical dimension to heighten the stair street experience. A city’s essential elements: neighborhoods, plazas, gardens, communities, nature are represented and re-organized vertically into a high-rise structure, to continue the city’s freespace in another axis.

“高樓 . 梯街”以樓梯街探索垂直維度. 樓梯街是香港獨特山勢衍生的城市面貌. 我們以步行樓梯貫通至200米高以上的空間,將日常街道多樣經驗重置, 創造垂直多樣性。社區、廣場、花園、綠化 – 重新組織為一個高層建築,試圖將橫向城市的空間經驗伸延到另一維度上演譯。

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