FUNG Raymond

Fish-ball” is made of minced fish marinated with flour to form like a ball, with five to six balls on a bamboo skewer. It is a popular snack most favored by Hong Kong people.

Ironically, this also reflects some of Hong Kong people’s living condition – where the property price is outrageous, youngsters and poor families are reluctantly living in subdivided units, into very tiny rooms called “slaughter rooms”

This installation has taken the designer’s own art work, i.e. ink on rice paper, torn and rubbed into the form of “fish-balls”, as a connotation of Hong Kong’s cross-over culture in art, in food and in living pattern.


諷刺地,它亦反映部份香港人的居住狀況 - 在瘋狂樓價下,年青一代或貧窮家庭唯有愈住愈細,擠迫在狹小或由分割而成的”tong”房,從形態上與「魚蛋串」有著共通的函意。

這裝置是作者以自己的作品 - 被撕破的現代水墨畫搓揉成魚蛋狀,喻意香港的獨特文化:以藝術、飲食、居所,扣連成互相交錯的關係。

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