DONG Gong/ Vector Architects

This slender tower is conceived as an abstract volume in nearly all‐black, like a shadow figure. The regular grids can be read as living units with actual scale in Hong Kong. 96 scenes from the real life in slender towers of today’s Hong Kong will be randomly recorded on‐site and displayed in the form of video in the arranged grid units. The audience can selectively peep into figurative stories that take place in every living unit through viewing apertures. We attempt to solidly reflect upon and rethink the current vertical living space in the present slender tower in Hong Kong, which we think is more necessary and meaningful than making delusions towards future. Through the phases of numerous living beings in the slender tower, we might be aware that people in Hong Kong have never ceased their desires for “freespace” in true life, and those mundane and unremarkable efforts has always be there behind every door.


我們把這座瘦塔設想成一個近乎全黑的,如同影子般存在的抽象體量。上面 規律佈置的格構可以被看作是香港現實尺度的生活單元。 我們將會以現場實 地錄影的方式隨機記錄96 個今天生活在香港瘦塔中的真實的情景,他們會被 逐一佈置在裝置的格構單元中。觀覽者透過裝置立面上的陣列“貓眼”,可以 選擇並窺視到發生在各個單元中的故事。對我們而言,利用這種近乎白描的 方式引起觀看者對香港當下的“瘦塔”垂直居住空間進行凝視和沉思,比臆 想未來更具意義。透過這一系列瘦塔中的眾生相,我們或許會發現香港人對 於真實生活的 “freespace”的渴望從不曾中斷過,那些平凡的努力一直存在 於每扇門之後。

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