The Library of the World


The Library of the World is a monument to the library of books. The secret ambition of any library is to contain all information, which is infinite. A library therefore is an incomplete totality that harbors an implicit and unspoken relation to the absolute infinite. The Library of the World is designed to contain all books ever written and published by the hands and minds of humanity. According to Google, the total number of books amounts to 129,864,880. The Library of the World contains every single copy of the books of the world. In the era governed by the World Wide Web, a pertinent question comes to the foreground: Is the concept of a library still a viable concept in the age of information ushered in by the computational paradigm? After all, the concept of a book signifies the near-obsolete notion of the inscription of thought into the pages of a book, a sedimentation of the leaves of thought into pages of the layers of time and history. In response, the Library of the World is an embodiment of a fundamental concept of planetary existence: a fossil fuel system of ideas that replenishes the reservoir of conceptual substance necessary for the genesis of ideas and world making. Books are the substance of fossil fuel inscribed into a geology of architecture: the layering of 2D cellular automaton that constitutes the structure, form and floors of the Library of the World. In essence, a planetary appropriation of being and existence through a reversed archaeology that remains in tension with the infinite.

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