[FÙ] House

[富] 屋

CHEN Marvin/ AMQ Ltd

he [fu3] House

[fu3] is the pronunciation of the Chinese word [富] , which means richness.

So this is a building for the millionaires in Hong Kong.


This is in essence a time machine, which witnesses the variable size of a domestic unit one can afford with One Million Hong Kong Dollars over the past 40 years, ie 20 years before the handover of Hong Kong, and 20 years after.


In parallel, the external facade of the pagoda like bulk bears testimony to the chronological evolution of exemplary design moulded by the changing statutory, economic and technological forces under the free capitalistic market economy in Hong Kong.


With a record low unit area of 7.5m2 for One Million Hong Kong Dollars in 2017, where is Hong Kong heading next for even the [富] House ?


Or actually the ‘nano’ flat is meant for the [fool] ?








與此同時,這個塔形的建築外觀亦反映了在香港資本主義,自由市場經濟下, 受到與時並進的法規、經濟及科技力量所塑造出來立面設計的演變。




還是,這些“ 納米”公寓單位,應該是留給[fool] 愚人住的呢?

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