Silhouette Tower – An Anatomy of New Living Hong Kong Architecture

剪影塔 - 解剖香港活建築

CHAN Stephen, TAM William  / ARVA

Since Vitruvius’s ‘The Ten Books on Architecture’, Architecture has always been seen as a conceptual extension of the human body. Under Hong Kong’s ultra-dense urban condition, we envisage an evolution leading to a new unique body-architecture. Hong Kong’s skyline is dominated by Pencil Towers. Its traditional central-core configuration, in which maximum peripheral habitable space (flesh) is packed firmly around a minimum central services spline (bone) for maximum efficiency, leaves no extra ‘free space’ for any public activity in the bulk of the tower, leaving public spaces behind on ground and its ‘body’ lifeless. Our thesis proposes an operation to transplant the missing ‘internal organs’ back to the ‘body’ to make the Tower alive. We propose a thin side core as the backbone while keeping the peripheral ‘flesh’ maximized. Public functions are then transplanted in between the flesh and the backbone as ‘organs’ at various heights, connected by ‘blood vessels’ of lifts for circulation. From the core to the peripheral, occupants now have a choice to mingle with or bypass the vertical public realm. Our installation is an array of ‘x-ray negatives’ that captures the silhouettes of such living tower, with abstracted sections of Arva’s recent works as the ‘transplanted organs’.

自維特魯威的“建築十書”以來,建築一直被視為人體的延伸。在香港這超密集的城市環境中,建築終會進化成怎樣的一種獨特體態? 香港的天際線一向由無數的鉛筆塔所組成。鉛筆塔的中央核心筒佈局是以最高的實用率為目標,用最大的周邊可用空間 (肉) 緊緊包圍著最小的核心筒(脊椎) 而成。塔身實用得像癡肥的身體, 沒有半點公共空間, 只有「肉」。 我們認為必須為病態的鉛筆塔做個設計手術。我們以側核心筒作為「脊椎」,保持最大的外圍可用空間, 然後將不同高度的多元公共空間作為「器官」移植到「肉」和 「脊椎」之間,並以升降機像「血管」一樣把「器官」連接起來,成為垂直公共領域,為建築注入生命動力。 我們的展覽裝置是以「凡建築」最近的建築作品作為「器官」移植到鉛筆塔中,並以抽像手法,用一系列的「X光底片」,捕捉這種新香港「活建築」的連串剪影。。

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