CHAN Corrin/ AOS Architecture

If Architecture is made up by Non-Architecture elements, Architecture is also made up by Nature. When Nature is taken away, Architecture no longer exists.


Urbanisation with no regards to Nature is Human’s ignorance and arrogance. A City without the living Green is a City without life. Trees are our lungs, Sun is our heart. Without them, all living beings cannot exist.


Free Space is where we are free from the mis-conception that we are separated, we can survive independently of others, our wrong perception that Human and Architecture can exist on their own.


Free Space is where the Interbeing and Connectivity of all is being realised and treasured.


Free Space is not equal to disconnection and boundless. Every human being is connected to another human being, to his neighbourhood, to his city and to his nature. The right to express one’s attitude and choose one’s own way in connection is the last foundation of freedom. The intricate matrix of connections to be expressed in different ways build the diversity and vibrancy of life.


Skyscraper architecture, being the containers of life, has been contradictorily concealing the multi-faceted attitudes through the preset and controlled façade. Can the will of choices be expressed through our own way?

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